Monday, February 15, 2010

Palomino’s in Bellevue

Nick and I got into Bellevue on Friday evening and met up with Geoff, Lin, Danny, Katie and Aaron at Palomino’s for dinner and drinks.  Geoff and Lin were taking off to the Olympics on Saturday morning (which by the way we were incredibly jealous about) and Aaron had a long day at work so it was nice of all of them to meet us up.  

Chinese New Year-2
The food at Palomino’s is tasty

Chinese New Year-4
Geoff got the new HTC HD2 phone, it is an awesome piece.  When my iPhone dies I may have to consider this one.

Chinese New Year-5
Nick’s gyro burger

Chinese New Year-6
Carolyn’s seafood Louie salad

Chinese New Year-8 Chinese New Year-9
It was a nice evening with friends and family

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