Sunday, March 28, 2010

Busy Yet Fun Sunday

IMG_1697   IMG_1703
Nick and I hiked Badger Mountain with Rachel on Sunday morning.  Our friends sponsored us to do “The Climb” where the donations will go towards to the Vista Youth Center.

IMG_1709 IMG_1711
Pictures of baby Paige sitting in her bumbo.  She is almost three months old which is almost the age in which she can hold her head up.  She’s adoreable!

We went to Heaven’s Cave and Alexandria Nicole in Prosser for some winetasting, then to Wine O’Clock for some delicious food.  IMG_1713
My dream kitchen!

They had lemon and cucumber wedges in the water

Jenny’s potato leek soup…YUMMY!

I had the sweet whites wine flight

Roasted romaine salad

IMG_1722 IMG_1723
We all split these two brick oven pizzas 

IMG_1724 IMG_1725
And we split these two desserts

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