Monday, March 1, 2010

February Book and Recipe of the Month

Nick’s Book

The Watchman

Carolyn’s Book


Vietnamese Recipe of the Month

Thit Kho-(Pork and Eggs Simmered in Coconut Juice and Caramel Sauce)

This dish my mom always makes during Chinese New Year…so I thought it was fitting that we make this the same month.  It turned out OK.  I think I’ll try making it again.  The pork wasn’t as tender as my mom’s but I think I didn’t thaw the pork long enough before using it which was my mistake.

I used the recipe from my Vietnamese Cookbook by Andrea Nguyen

Hard boil a few eggs

While hard boiling the eggs I watched The Bachelor on my laptop

Yes I admit that I watch The Bachelor and I don’t care if you judge me

Sautee the chunks of pork in the dark caramel sauce (this usually comes in a jar), some sugar, fish sauce  and pepper for a few minutes until all the pieces are coated

Baby Coconut

The liquid and flesh of the baby coconut

Add the hardboilled eggs and baby coconut juice and flesh

Let the pork and hardboilled eggs simmer for an hour and 15 minutes or so then serve with white jasmine rice

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