Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snowshoeing at Timberline on Mount Hood

On Saturday, while everyone went skiing and snowboarding, a few of us went snowshoeing at Timberline on Mount Hood.

Mt Hood Snowshoeing-1 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-3 
Rachel in her sweet outfit

Mt Hood Snowshoeing-8 

Mt Hood Snowshoeing-18
Hanging in the lounge before snowshoeing

Mt Hood Snowshoeing-27
Jenny taking in the view

Mt Hood Snowshoeing-29
Susie and Kevin

Mt Hood Snowshoeing-31
Me and Nick

Mt Hood Snowshoeing-44  Mt Hood Snowshoeing-52Mt Hood Snowshoeing-46 
Kevin posing

Mt Hood Snowshoeing-54 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-55 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-59 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-67 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-70 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-80 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-86 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-87 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-89
Kevin biting it and me looking on like an idiot

Mt Hood Snowshoeing-90 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-91 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-92 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-95 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-99 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-111 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-115 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-120

Mt Hood Snowshoeing-123 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-127 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-134
Jenny being careful not to fall….hahahahah

Mt Hood Snowshoeing-145 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-147 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-150 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-155

Group picture!
Mt Hood Snowshoeing-163 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-164

This is the lodge in the movie the Shining
Mt Hood Snowshoeing-165 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-167 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-169

Jason brought his fish eye lens and attached it to Nick’s camera.  Pretty neat photos inside the cabin.
Mt Hood Snowshoeing-174 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-179 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-184 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-186  Mt Hood Snowshoeing-190 

Taco bar!
Mt Hood Snowshoeing-195 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-197 Mt Hood Snowshoeing-200Mt Hood Snowshoeing-198

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