Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Exercise Week 16: Hike

We kind of had a goofy week…. technically we didn’t do anything last week, but we did go hiking on Sunday at the Rattlesnake Ledge.  So we’ll have to double up on the next week to make up for our goof.

Date: Sunday April 25 , 2010
Activity: Hiked to the top of Rattlesnake Ledge
Distance: ~3.8 miles

Rattlesnake Ledge-1 Rattlesnake Ledge-3 Rattlesnake Ledge-5 Rattlesnake Ledge-10  Rattlesnake Ledge-13 Rattlesnake Ledge-16 Rattlesnake Ledge-28 Rattlesnake Ledge-29 Rattlesnake Ledge-33 Rattlesnake Ledge-50 Rattlesnake Ledge-51 Rattlesnake Ledge-56 Rattlesnake Ledge-60 Rattlesnake Ledge-61 Rattlesnake Ledge-63  Rattlesnake Ledge-67 Rattlesnake Ledge-70  Rattlesnake Ledge-80Rattlesnake Ledge-73  Rattlesnake Ledge-103 Rattlesnake Ledge-108 Rattlesnake Ledge-114

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Exercise Week 15: Hike, Ultimate and Fun Run

Date: Sunday April 11 , 2010
Activity: Played two hours of ultimate Frisbee
Distance: 5 milesWhiteBluffsHikeGPS Data acquired from our hike

Date: Monday April 12, 2010
Activity: Played one hour of ultimate Frisbee
Distance: Unknown

Date:  Saturday April 17, 2010
Activity: Spring in Summer Fun Run
Distance: 3.1 miles

Spring into Summer Fun Run-1
It was perfect weather for a run

Spring into Summer Fun Run-2
Nick registering for the race

Spring into Summer Fun Run-4 Spring into Summer Fun Run-9
Nick tagging his number on and Bob biking in before the race

Spring into Summer Fun Run-10

Spring into Summer Fun Run-11
There was a one mile run before the 5K.  This little one couldn’t be more than 2 years old.  So cute!  He even finished the race.

Spring into Summer Fun Run-15
The 5K starting

Spring into Summer Fun Run-20
Here’s Nick in the front of the pack

Spring into Summer Fun Run-21
Bob is right on Nick’s heels

Spring into Summer Fun Run-23
The guy running next to Nick I ran with in high school cross-country, talk about blast from the past.  His name is Steve Mazerkawicz (I’m 100% sure I butchered his last name)

Spring into Summer Fun Run-26
Deena and Brad walking the 5K

Spring into Summer Fun Run-28 Spring into Summer Fun Run-29
Top two finishers, the guy who got second works at PNNL

Spring into Summer Fun Run-31
Here comes Nick!

Spring into Summer Fun Run-33 Spring into Summer Fun Run-34
Nick’s final time of 25:14 and a jump to be funny

Spring into Summer Fun Run-40 Spring into Summer Fun Run-42
Bob’s final time of 26:41 and he jumped too!

Spring into Summer Fun Run-44 Spring into Summer Fun Run-46
Bob said this guy was right in front of him…he is practically wearing underwear/Speedo action.  Bob said it was a little too much butt jiggle.  ha!  Here is a picture of Bob and Nick after the race.

White Bluffs

Last Sunday, Doug, Naomi, Nick and I hiked to the White Bluffs which is part of the Hanford Reach.  It was a really nice hike along the coast line of the Columbia.  We were able to see some of the old reactors, cliffs, and sand dunes.

 White Bluffs Hike-3
The trail head of the White Bluffs hike 

White Bluffs Hike-13

IMG_6266 IMG_6267  White Bluffs Hike-36IMG_6271  White Bluffs Hike-37 White Bluffs Hike-38 White Bluffs Hike-53White Bluffs Hike-49  White Bluffs Hike-59 White Bluffs Hike-60 White Bluffs Hike-81 White Bluffs Hike-84 White Bluffs Hike-85 White Bluffs Hike-92 White Bluffs Hike-96 White Bluffs Hike-100
One of the old reactors

White Bluffs Hike-105 White Bluffs Hike-115 White Bluffs Hike-116 White Bluffs Hike-141   IMG_6291 IMG_6292 IMG_6294 IMG_6295 IMG_6297 IMG_6286IMG_6300
Lots of wind ripples on the sand

IMG_6301 IMG_6303  White Bluffs Hike-143 White Bluffs Hike-144 White Bluffs Hike-149 White Bluffs Hike-151
Large sand dune we walked on

White Bluffs Hike-153

White Bluffs Hike-159White Bluffs Hike-163 White Bluffs Hike-165 White Bluffs Hike-166  White Bluffs Hike-172  White Bluffs Hike-177 White Bluffs Hike-193 White Bluffs Hike-222  White Bluffs Hike-227  White Bluffs Hike-231
Gorgeous view of some of the cliffs

White Bluffs Hike-239 White Bluffs Hike-244 White Bluffs Hike-250 White Bluffs Hike-275 White Bluffs Hike-277White Bluffs Hike-276  White Bluffs Hike-278 White Bluffs Hike-283 IMG_6268

Heading back to the car