Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Amber’s Birthday Fraternity Party

Here are a couple high lights to Amber’s birthday party from last weekend.  The theme of the party was a typical college fraternity.  I went preppy and Nick went as a frat boy.  There were tons of Jell-o shots, beer pong, and even a beer bong.  Good times.

Frat Party-1 Frat Party-3 Frat Party-6 Frat Party-7 Frat Party-10 Frat Party-12 Frat Party-15  Frat Party-20 Frat Party-23 Frat Party-24  Frat Party-44 Frat Party-33Frat Party-47 Frat Party-54 Frat Party-58 Frat Party-59 Frat Party-61 Frat Party-19Frat Party-65 Frat Party-70 Frat Party-75 Frat Party-76 Frat Party-80 Frat Party-83
The ping pong almost went in!  Great shot Nick took.

Frat Party-94 Frat Party-96 Frat Party-121

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