Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Exercise Week 16: Hike

We kind of had a goofy week…. technically we didn’t do anything last week, but we did go hiking on Sunday at the Rattlesnake Ledge.  So we’ll have to double up on the next week to make up for our goof.

Date: Sunday April 25 , 2010
Activity: Hiked to the top of Rattlesnake Ledge
Distance: ~3.8 miles

Rattlesnake Ledge-1 Rattlesnake Ledge-3 Rattlesnake Ledge-5 Rattlesnake Ledge-10  Rattlesnake Ledge-13 Rattlesnake Ledge-16 Rattlesnake Ledge-28 Rattlesnake Ledge-29 Rattlesnake Ledge-33 Rattlesnake Ledge-50 Rattlesnake Ledge-51 Rattlesnake Ledge-56 Rattlesnake Ledge-60 Rattlesnake Ledge-61 Rattlesnake Ledge-63  Rattlesnake Ledge-67 Rattlesnake Ledge-70  Rattlesnake Ledge-80Rattlesnake Ledge-73  Rattlesnake Ledge-103 Rattlesnake Ledge-108 Rattlesnake Ledge-114

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