Sunday, May 9, 2010

Getty Villa at Malibu and Santa Monica Pier

On Monday Nick and I drove up the Pacific Coast Highway up to Malibu Beach where the John Paul Getty Villa is found.  Inside is a beautiful museum full of Roman, Greek and Italian art and of course a stunning garden and manicured grounds.  Afterwards we drove down the coast to the famous Santa Monica Pier where we grabbed lunch and walked the Boardwalk.

Getty Villa-2 Getty Villa-10 Getty Villa-18Getty Villa-12  Getty Villa-24 Getty Villa-27
Getty Villa-36 Getty Villa-43 Getty Villa-49 Getty Villa-63 Getty Villa-67 Getty Villa-70 Getty Villa-72 Getty Villa-78
Getty Villa-79 Getty Villa-83 Getty Villa-86 Getty Villa-92 Getty Villa-105 Getty Villa-106 Getty Villa-118 Getty Villa-121 Getty Villa-122
Getty Villa-124 Getty Villa-127 Getty Villa-130 Getty Villa-134 Getty Villa-137   Getty Villa-148Getty Villa-142 Getty Villa-146  Getty Villa-150 Getty Villa-152

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