Sunday, May 9, 2010

San Diego USS Midway

Carolyn and I flew down to Los Angeles to visit family and have some fun.  We stayed with Mina, Tho, Nathan, and Natalie in Garden Grove.  On Saturday, we all drove down to San Diego to see some sights.  First, we went on board the U.S.S Midway aircraft carrier.  It is permanently docked there and acts as a museum.  The Midway had a ton of cool airplanes and helicopters on board plus you can roam through all the interior parts of the carrier.

San Diego-11 San Diego-12 San Diego-18 San Diego-27 San Diego-29 San Diego-39 San Diego-40 San Diego-43 San Diego-44 San Diego-46 San Diego-56 San Diego-60  
151 San Diego-88 San Diego-114 San Diego-140 San Diego-144 San Diego-146 San Diego-170 San Diego-176 San Diego-195

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