Saturday, June 19, 2010

Camels and Cars in Dayton

Dayton Car Show-6 Dayton Car Show-2
This is Izzy, a camel who lives in Waitsburg, but was in Dayton for the day.  She likes to eat carrots.

Nick and I decided to surprise mom and dad and drove over to Dayton to join them at the car show. 

 Dayton Car Show-23
Here they are surprised to see us

Dayton Car Show-31 Dayton Car Show-29 Dayton Car Show-28 Dayton Car Show-27 Dayton Car Show-26 Dayton Car Show-24  Dayton Car Show-17  Dayton Car Show-11Dayton Car Show-15 Dayton Car Show-14 
This creepy Chewbacca was hanging in one of the cars

Dayton Car Show-10
This was one of my favorites.  It was a 1956 Pontiac Thunderbird.  I loved the olive exterior and interior.

Dayton Car Show-20 Dayton Car Show-18

  IMG_6517 IMG_6514 IMG_6512
There was even a Delorean!

Giant flat

The main street of Day filled with tons of cars


We had a really nice lunch at a really cute place called Weinhardt’s Cafe

Grilled chicken, pesto and arugula panini

Cup of Ginger Carrot Soup

Pulled Pork with Apricot Chutney Panini and side pasta salad

Nick’s parents are going to be buiding a house too. They brought their final house plans to show us.  We’re so excited for them.

The bed of the rat rod truck has a couple of my parents’  old license plates and the one we brought back from Maui is in there too!

This is the Jolly Green Giant carved into the hillside on the way out of Dayton 


When we got back we babysat Paige while Ryan and Emily and the rest of the Firefly Blu gang photographed a wedding.  She enjoyed hanging with Nick on the couch surfing the web.


heidi said...

My grandparents live at the house that is at the bottom of the hill right below the jolly green Giant. I'm glad you took the time to admire the giant!

adnguyen1986 said...

Haha, love the delorean, love the "chewbacca" (think it was actually supposed to be sasquatch?), and love the camel. So random that they have a camel! I wonder how they even got it stateside?