Sunday, June 13, 2010

Exercise Week 24: Ultimate and Hiking

Nick and I getting back into the swing of things with our New Year’s resolution and need to get on track with our exercise.

Date: Monday June 7, 2010
Activity: Played two hours of ultimate Frisbee

Date: Saturday June 12 , 2010
Activity: Hiked Steamboat Rock
Distance: ~3 miles

Steamboat Rock Hike

Date: Saturday June 12 , 2010
Activity: Hiked Ancient Lakes
Distance: ~5.5 miles

Ancient Lakes Hike 
Nick carries his hand-held Garmin Oregon GPS for the hikes and then imports the data into Google earth.  Pretty neato.

Here are a couple stitched panos from this weekend too:

Steamboat Rock View North Panorama
From the top of Steamboat Rock

Dry Falls Panorama Dry Falls

Ancient Lakes Panorama Ancient Lakes

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