Sunday, June 13, 2010

Grand Coulee, Steamboat Rock, Dry Falls, Ancient Lake

This weekend we decided to get out of town and do some hiking near the Grand Coulee Dam area.  We visited a few of the placed based on this book, we got to meet the author and get his autograph a few weeks ago:

Grand Coulee Dam-1

Along the way we stopped at this viewpoint of Sun Lakes

Grand Coulee Dam-15
The first hike we were going to do was the Northrup Canyon one, I’m taking a photo of my new hiking boots I got at REI.  The ones I normally wear wore down really bad. 

Grand Coulee Dam-16
We got about a half a mile into the hike and Nick got eaten alive by about 20 mosquitos!  It was miserable.  I for some reason didn’t get bit.  I only applied one OFF wipe that was all dried up.  I normally am the one who always get bitten, but I lucked out
Grand Coulee Dam-18 Grand Coulee Dam-20
So after the bust of a hike, we decided to set up camp.  We camped right at the base of Steamboat Rock.  It was a really nice campsite area.  We grabbed dinner near Grand Coulee called Pepper Jack’s Grill and set up a couple chairs before the laser light show.

Grand Coulee Dam

Grand Coulee Dam-22 IMG_2526Grand Coulee Dam-24  Grand Coulee Dam-29 Grand Coulee Dam-31
The dam wasn’t running any water when we got there, but then they allowed a small amount of water to run before the show started.

I took this with my iPhone. 

Steamboat Rock

Steamboat Rock-1 
I’m prepping some sandwiches before the hike

Steamboat Rock-6 Steamboat Rock-12
The traihead for the Steamboat Rock hike

Steamboat Rock-15  
Steamboat Rock-20
Steamboat Rock-23 Steamboat Rock-24
Heading up the rocky path

Steamboat Rock-27 Steamboat Rock-32
We came upon a snake….I HATE SNAKES!  Luckily it was the only one we saw all day.

Steamboat Rock-28 Steamboat Rock-30  Steamboat Rock-33 Steamboat Rock-38 Steamboat Rock-40
The beginning of the hike was super steep

Steamboat Rock-39  Steamboat Rock-58 Steamboat Rock-60  Steamboat Rock-66 Steamboat Rock-69 Steamboat Rock-73
Fantastic view from up on top

Steamboat Rock-78 Steamboat Rock-96 Steamboat Rock-98 Steamboat Rock-100
Steamboat Rock-116
They call this area Devil’s Punch Bowl

Steamboat Rock-123 Steamboat Rock-124
Coming down was treacherous

Steamboat Rock-136 Steamboat Rock-139 
We stopped along the freeway to see Steamboat Rock from afar

Dry Falls

Dry Falls-4 Dry Falls-6 Dry Falls-18 Dry Falls-35

Ancient Lakes
Ancient Lakes-1 
This hike is located outside the town of Quincy near the Gorge where concerts are held.  This hike was HOT HOT HOT.  We had no shade and not very much water to drink.  The more we hiked, the hotter it got. 

Ancient Lakes-2 Ancient Lakes-4
We saw an F-18 plane flying overhead, it was loud!

Ancient Lakes-8 Ancient Lakes-9 Ancient Lakes-10 Ancient Lakes-14 
Coming up on the lake and waterfall

Ancient Lakes-18 Ancient Lakes-20 Ancient Lakes-22   Ancient Lakes-37 Ancient Lakes-38 Ancient Lakes-39
As we circled the lake to get to the waterfall, the rocks were WHITE and they were hot because of the sun reflecting on them 

Ancient Lakes-46 Ancient Lakes-21Ancient Lakes-50
View from the waterfall out onto the lake

Ancient Lakes-57
We saw a really large crane flying over the lake

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