Thursday, June 3, 2010

House Update

So we’re getting underway to get the construction process started.  We’ve had to make a lot of decisions in regards to little details of the house so we can get an accurate price.  Nick took a few photos of the house plans and I’m adding some photos of the look or style we are hoping to go for.  It’s hard to get a real picture of whether the things we picked all match or look good together.  We both aren’t interior designers so it makes it hard.

Entry of the house
Most of the main level of the house has 10 and 11 foot ceilings except for the bedrooms which have 9 foot ones.  We plan on doing hardwood throughout the house with the Swedish finish in place style.  Not sure what type.  At first we wanted to do cherry, but we heard it is soft.  So we want to do something harder to withstand dropping stuff and durability over time.

We are going to go with a Therma-Tru Classic-Craft American Collection door.  We want to do stained glass on the sidelites, door and transom.  The front door is going to be about 8 feet tall. 

Fireplace and Bookshelves
We want our fireplace to have a nice mantle and some crown molding on it and bookshelves to the left and right of it.  Similar to photos below:

Since our front door is sort of craftsman style, we wanted to match the rest of the interior doors in the same way.  So we found this Jeld-Wen door called the Craftsman III.


Door Hardware
We’ve been in really strong debate about whether we should go with oil bronzed or brushed nickel.  Both look VERY nice, but we decided to go with oil bronzed.  Now we’re debating lever handles or oval shaped.  Not sure what to do.  Easier to open with a lever handle, but if you bash into them like I have, it hurts!

I’ve been given a lot of freedom to do whatever I want in the kitchen, but my problem is I can see the beauty in a lot of colors combinations.  I’ve always had my heart set on a lighter colored one similar to Ina Garten’s and Martha Stewarts and even this woman I’ve met a few years ago, Robert Brown Root.  I’ve always loved all their styles.  The other thing I keep thinking about is the layout and where this and that goes.  Specifically, dishes, pots, pans, spices, etc etc.  We have a really large pantry which is nice to store stuff and a big island too, but I have a dishes and glasses addiction I want to make sure I have enough storage for.  We’re going to do brushed nickel hardware on the cabinets.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to do a ceramic or glass subway tile backsplash.   I’m getting some samples in the mail so I can decide.

We’re going to do a bench in the mudroom with coat hooks similar to this:

We want to do a french door with freezer drawer style fridge similar to this.  We also want to get a freezer for the garage.  I have a food hoarding problem.

Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom

Guest room 1, Main Bathroom, Stairs and Laundry RoomIMG_6455 
Downstairs office and Entertainment Room
Guest room 3 and 4
I will add additional pictures but it’s getting late now.  But here are bits of the house plan.


We are going to do stucco, stone and wood on the exterior.  This is a picture of one of the Parade homes from a couple years ago built by Universal Home Builders.

This is a Gretl Crawford home

This one we did a drive by and sawIMG_2737

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