Thursday, July 29, 2010

Road Trip to California


Nick and I are driving up to Seattle in a few minutes so I thought I’d post a little blurb of what we’re up to the next few days.  Aaron recently accepted a job position at ZT Amplifiers as an Electronics Engineer.   So Aaron and Katie are moving to Berkeley.  They’ve already found a place, they just need to get their stuff down there.   So we offered to drive the U-Haul to help them out.  The next few days we’re going to explore San Francisco, Berkeley, and do some hiking in Yosemite.  So stay tuned for some pictures from our road trip adventure.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shriner Peak

A big group of us camped out at Lodgepole Campground and went hiking at Shriner Peak which has breathtaking views of Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood and even a part of Mt. Saint Helens.  It was a tough hike for me since I hadn’t done too much hard core hiking like we had done last year, but I eventually did make it up the mountain.  Here are some pictures from our weekend.

Shriner Peak-2
We  brought the big daddy tent and our inflatable mattress…ah the comforts of the wilderness

Shriner Peak-6 Shriner Peak-8 Shriner Peak-11 Shriner Peak-17 Shriner Peak-23 Shriner Peak-26 Shriner Peak-31 Shriner Peak-37 Shriner Peak-39 Shriner Peak-40 Shriner Peak-43 Shriner Peak-44 Shriner Peak-47Shriner Peak-46 
Susie relaxing and reading

Shriner Peak-49  Shriner Peak-55 Shriner Peak-57 Shriner Peak-58 Shriner Peak-59 Shriner Peak-60 Shriner Peak-61 Shriner Peak-62 
Breakfast burritos

Shriner Peak-64

Shriner Peak-67 Shriner Peak-68 Shriner Peak-76 Shriner Peak-78 Shriner Peak-79 Shriner Peak-80 Shriner Peak-82 Shriner Peak-84 Shriner Peak-85 Shriner Peak-89

Shriner Peak-93 Shriner Peak-95 Shriner Peak-96  Shriner Peak-103 Shriner Peak-105 Shriner Peak-115 Shriner Peak-117 Shriner Peak-119 Shriner Peak-120
Shriner Peak-122 Shriner Peak-123 Shriner Peak-135Shriner Peak-130  Shriner Peak-144 Shriner Peak-145 Shriner Peak-149 Shriner Peak-157 Shriner Peak-159 Shriner Peak-164

Shriner Peak-188 Shriner Peak-216 Shriner Peak-222 Shriner Peak-255
James, Chase, Jenny, Carolyn and Nick

Here are a bunch of jumping photos and one random photo with a stranger
Shriner Peak-257 Shriner Peak-259 Shriner Peak-260 Shriner Peak-261 Shriner Peak-262 Shriner Peak-263 Shriner Peak-264 Shriner Peak-265 Shriner Peak-266 Shriner Peak-267 Shriner Peak-317 Shriner Peak-322 Shriner Peak-329 Shriner Peak-372 Shriner Peak-377 Shriner Peak-381 Shriner Peak-383 Shriner Peak-384 Shriner Peak-386 
Ring of fire

Shriner Peak-390
Jame’s meat covered fingers

Shriner Peak-394 Shriner Peak-403 Shriner Peak-404 Shriner Peak-389Shriner Peak-410 Shriner Peak-423
We hiked up Naches peak late Saturday night straight up the hill face in the dark to see the full moon and Rainier at night.  Nick took these photos with a long exposure.

Shriner Peak-424 Shriner Peak-429
Full moon through the trees