Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cannon Beach

On the July 4th weekend, my parents, Alan, my uncle, aunt, cousin and my parents’ friends all took a road trip to Lincoln City.  Along the way we stopped in Cannon Beach to take a few pictures.

Lincoln City-11
Famous Ecola State Park

 Lincoln City-19
The “Older” Men

Lincoln City-20 
My uncle, aunt, their friends and my parents

Lincoln City-26
The Nguyen Family

Lincoln City-29 Lincoln City-43 Lincoln City-14Lincoln City-58 Lincoln City-62 Lincoln City-66 Lincoln City-87 Lincoln City-91 Lincoln City-94 Lincoln City-99 Lincoln City-111 Lincoln City-112
Cannon Beach at Haystack Rock

Lincoln City-115 Lincoln City-122 Lincoln City-127

Lincoln City-129 Lincoln City-136 Lincoln City-139 Lincoln City-141 Lincoln City-145 Lincoln City-147 Lincoln City-148
When we got to the beach house we ate some serious delicious food.   We had one of my most favorite seafood items….CRAB!

Lincoln City-149
The guys eating some balut eggs….I didn’t eat any

Lincoln City-155 Lincoln City-173
The view and sunset from the beach house

Lincoln City-188

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