Saturday, July 17, 2010

Coastline Sights and Fireworks

We stopped in Newport and some other sights along the coast.

 Lincoln City-328  Lincoln City-320
Lincoln City-335 Lincoln City-338
Devil’s Punch Bowl

Lincoln City-341 Lincoln City-342 Lincoln City-346 Lincoln City-350  Lincoln City-391 
Surfer’s catching a couple waves

Lincoln City-400 
Whale Cove

Lincoln City-408 Lincoln City-411 Lincoln City-414 Lincoln City-421
Amazing view up the coastline

Lincoln City-424 Lincoln City-431 Lincoln City-435 Lincoln City-464  

Lincoln City-466
Waiting for the fireworks to start in the bay area of Lincoln City

Lincoln City-471

Lincoln City-473 Lincoln City-474 Lincoln City-531 Lincoln City-552 Lincoln City-556 Lincoln City-600 Lincoln City-615
This one had a malfunction, hopefully noone was hurt, it exploded right on the barge

Lincoln City-619 Lincoln City-629 Lincoln City-630 Lincoln City-632 Lincoln City-635
Our beach house was up on the hill

Lincoln City-639 Lincoln City-642 Lincoln City-645

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