Saturday, July 17, 2010

June Book and Recipe of the Month

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Recipe of the Month

Bun Bo Hue-Spicy Beef Noodle Soup

We used a little bit of salt and pepper on top of the sliced pork shanks (we bought these in Seattle) and put them in a stock pot

Add four stalks of lemon grass bruised with an end of a cleaver to the pork bones and cover with water and  boil along with a one pound piece of corned beef for one hour.

If you don’t have annatto seed use paprika to color the broth red

While the soup is simmering add fish sauce and a chunk of rock sugar

While the soup is simmering for two hours, about 30 minutes before dice two shallots and make the below paste

Sautee a tablespoon of the annatto seeds in a couple tablespoons of olive oil

Remove the annatto seeds after a deep red color has developed

Sautee the diced shallots, a couple tablespoons of pulverized lemon grass, and a couple tablespoons of anchovy paste together and add this paste to the broth, 30 minutes before the soup is done

Remove the corned beef and let rest for a while

Slice the beef thinly and set aside

Make the bun noodles

For garnish, slice some iceberg lettuce, herbs, jalapeno, and some lime wedges.  Also use some garlic chili paste and anchovy paste to taste

Garnish the bowl with green onion and cilantro

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