Thursday, July 29, 2010

Road Trip to California


Nick and I are driving up to Seattle in a few minutes so I thought I’d post a little blurb of what we’re up to the next few days.  Aaron recently accepted a job position at ZT Amplifiers as an Electronics Engineer.   So Aaron and Katie are moving to Berkeley.  They’ve already found a place, they just need to get their stuff down there.   So we offered to drive the U-Haul to help them out.  The next few days we’re going to explore San Francisco, Berkeley, and do some hiking in Yosemite.  So stay tuned for some pictures from our road trip adventure.

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Jessika said...

Please go to The Cheese Board in Berkeley. Please. Both the cheese shop and the pizzaria. Goodness, their pizza is so good. And wave hello as you go through Eugene.