Monday, July 19, 2010

Whistler July 10

We did a ton on that Saturday.  We went Ziplining early in the morning, then we walked around Lost Lake, then went back up Whistler for a wonderful dinner of prime rib and enjoyed the amazing views up on top.

ZIPLINING with Ziptrek

We did the Eagle Tour through the company Ziptrek.  It had five ziplines through the forest ravine between Whistler and Blackcomb.  We have some videos but we haven’t had the chance to put them up on youtube yet

ziptrek10 ziptrek11
Suit up!

 ziptrek13 photo_1
Helmets On!

The first zipline

photo_4 ziptrek4
Coming from the 2200 long zipline…longest in all of Canada

ziptrek1 ziptrek2   ziptrek5 ziptrek17 ziptrek7
Suspension Bridge

Doing some freestyling, we went upside down!

 ziptrek15 ziptrek16 

Whistler Day 2-1
Fancy cars in the Whistler Village

Whistler Day 2-2
Some pretty sweet xylophones

Lost Lake
Whistler Day 2-4 
Walking around Lost Lake
Whistler Day 2-6 
Whistler Day 2-7
We saw some nudists there

Whistler Day 2-9

Olympic Village
Whistler Day 2-11  Whistler Day 2-14
Black bear in the Olymipc Park

Whistler Day 2-17 Whistler Day 2-23
Site where Long Jumping and Freestyle were at

Whistler Day 2-27 Whistler Day 2-33
Another Inukshuk

Whistler Day 2-29 

  Whistler Day 2-44 Whistler Day 2-52 Whistler Day 2-55
This was where the cross country skiing was

Whistler Day 2-62 Whistler Day 2-68
Site where the duathlon was held

Whistler Day 2-80 Whistler Day 2-81
Bullet shells from the duathlon

Whistler Day 2-119 
Last night at Whistler after our yummy dinner

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