Thursday, August 19, 2010

August Birthdays

August Picnic-86On Sunday, we celebrated a bunch of August birthdays with a nice picnic at Leslie Groves Park. 

August Picnic-91
Here’s a big group photo

August Picnic-33 August Picnic-35 August Picnic-36 August Picnic-37 August Picnic-38 August Picnic-39 August Picnic-40 August Picnic-41 August Picnic-42 August Picnic-46 August Picnic-47 
August Picnic-49 August Picnic-50 August Picnic-51 August Picnic-52 August Picnic-53 August Picnic-54 August Picnic-55 August Picnic-56 August Picnic-57 August Picnic-58 August Picnic-59 August Picnic-60

August Picnic-61 August Picnic-62 August Picnic-65 August Picnic-66 August Picnic-68 August Picnic-70 August Picnic-71 August Picnic-73 August Picnic-74 August Picnic-75 August Picnic-76 August Picnic-77 August Picnic-78 August Picnic-79 August Picnic-82  August Picnic-87 August Picnic-89 August Picnic-90  August Picnic-92  August Picnic-95

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