Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jenny’s Birthday Party at Mezzo Thai

A big group of us celebrated Jenny’s XX Birthday at Mezzo Thai last Tuesday.  It was a fun time going out with the gang.  We took over the whole restaurant and had some tasty food and cake.

Jennys Birthday-14                                         Cake by Desserts by Kelly

Jennys Birthday-1

Jennys Birthday-2 Jennys Birthday-3 Jennys Birthday-5Jennys Birthday-4  Jennys Birthday-6 Jennys Birthday-7 Jennys Birthday-8 Jennys Birthday-9 Jennys Birthday-10 Jennys Birthday-11 Jennys Birthday-13  Jennys Birthday-16 Jennys Birthday-17 Jennys Birthday-18 Jennys Birthday-21 Jennys Birthday-22 Jennys Birthday-23 Jennys Birthday-24 Jennys Birthday-25 Jennys Birthday-26

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