Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Other Cramer Home Construction

Carolyn and I will start building our house soon. But right now the other Cramers, Nicki and Marvin, are in the process of building their house. They are their own general contractor and coordinating the whole project . The basement is in place and framing has started on the main level. Check out the pictures to see the progress so far ...

House Construction-18

Mom is in charge of the sub-contractors

House Construction-1

Dad is in charge of the clean up crew (of one)

House Construction-2 House Construction-4House Construction-3  House Construction-5 House Construction-6 House Construction-7

Front door and stairs

House Construction-9

Master Bedroom

House Construction-10

Big Living Room Window

 House Construction-12 

Front of the house

House Construction-14 House Construction-15 House Construction-16 House Construction-17  House Construction-21House Construction-20

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adnguyen1986 said...

From the pictures I am sure the home will turn out lovely!