Friday, August 6, 2010

San Francisco

 San Fran-19  
We met up with Rich down in San Francisco.  He kindly took us around the town for a seafood meal down at Fisherman’s Wharf, walking to the Coit Tower, visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, and another meal at the Stinking Rose.

San Fran-21

San Fran-22 San Fran-24 San Fran-27  
I’ve seen this place on the Food Network, we didn’t eat any sourdough bread or have their chowder, but I will next time I go

San Fran-28
Pier 39 was crazy busy

San Fran-29
Pretty succulent plant outside a person’s house

San Fran-58 San Fran-62
Lombard street in the distance

San Fran-65
View of downtown San Francisco

San Fran-63

San Fran-52
View of Golden Gate Bridge from afar

San Fran-67 San Fran-100 San Fran-106 San Fran-112 San Fran-117 San Fran-151
Golden Gate Bridge

San Fran-160  San Fran-174San Fran-173 
Dinner at the Stinking Rose for some garlic filled meals
San Fran-176 San Fran-178
They had some serious hot sauces on display

San Fran-180
Garlic ceiling

San Fran-181
Awesome Chianti bottle ceiling and cork wall

San Fran-183

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