Saturday, September 25, 2010

Washington DC Day 1

We haven’t blogged in quite a long time because of all the travelling we’ve been doing.  I’m blogging about the whirlwind weekend trip with my relatives from Vietnam that came to visit.  We went to Washington DC for two days and New York city for two days.  This is Day 1 of our Washington DC part of the trip.

DC Day 1-1 
Hanging out eating breakfast at my Uncle Duc’s house in Fairfax.  He built that gazebo by himself.

DC Day 1-2 DC Day 1-3
He has a gorgeous coy pond in the backyard

DC Day 1-6 DC Day 1-7 DC Day 1-10 DC Day 1-12 DC Day 1-17 DC Day 1-19
Iwo Jima Flag Raising

DC Day 1-39 DC Day 1-37
DC Day 1-121 DC Day 1-125
Lincoln Memorial

DC Day 1-44 DC Day 1-49 DC Day 1-83 DC Day 1-85
World War II Memorial, we’re standing in from of Washington State

DC Day 1-87 DC Day 1-90 DC Day 1-91 DC Day 1-100
Some of the signatures of the Declaration of Independence

DC Day 1-103 DC Day 1-114
Vietnam Memorial

DC Day 1-107 DC Day 1-112  DC Day 1-116 DC Day 1-117 DC Day 1-120 DC Day 1-126 DC Day 1-128 DC Day 1-130 DC Day 1-133
The boys proving who is strongest

DC Day 1-136 DC Day 1-138
Julia Child’s Kitchen in the Smithsonian

DC Day 1-139 DC Day 1-143 DC Day 1-152 DC Day 1-154
Hanging out at the Capital Building

DC Day 1-167 DC Day 1-170  DC Day 1-174
Believe it or not Alan is 24 years old 

DC Day 1-176

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