Saturday, September 25, 2010

Washington DC Day 2

DC Day 2-7 DC Day 2-8
We went to Old Town Alexandria.  The architecture and gardens were absolutely beautiful and so full of history.

DC Day 2-11 DC Day 2-9 DC Day 2-15
Waterfront in Old Town Alexandria

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There were tons of art galleries on the water front

DC Day 2-32
Starbucks in a 200+ year old buiding

DC Day 2-34 DC Day 2-38 DC Day 2-40 DC Day 2-43
Having some oyster shooters, pretty exterior of an old building

DC Day 2-46
Having some Korean BBQ before going to NY

DC Day 2-47 DC Day 2-55 DC Day 2-58
Saying Good-bye to Virginia
DC Day 2-59 DC Day 2-60
Our hotel in New York City off of 5th Avenue

DC Day 2-65 DC Day 2-67

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