Saturday, October 30, 2010

House Update Oct 30 2010

Lots more forms are up with just a few more to go in the lowest spots.  We should have foundation walls poured next week.  They re-poured a section of the footings that were a foot too high.  We would have had a 7-foot tall storage room, but now it is fixed to be 8-foot. 

House Oct 30-4

House Oct 30-3
3 Car

House Oct 30-6
Entry and Dining Room

House Oct 30-7      House Oct 30-12
Guest Bedroom from Above and Below

House Oct 30-10
Gloomy View Today

House Oct 30-16

House Oct 30-20

House Oct 30-21
Stairs will come down about here

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

House Update Oct 27 2010

Even more rebar is going in and forms are being put in place to pour large concrete foundation walls. It is amazing how all the rebar is interconnected.  If anything slides down the hill, the whole house is going with it!

House Oct 27-2 House Oct 27-3 House Oct 27-5
Never stop enjoying the view.

House Oct 27-7 House Oct 27-9 House Oct 27-14
Forms are interlocked with little latches.

House Oct 27-15 House Oct 27-17 House Oct 27-20
The big foundation wall supports the back of the garage.

House Oct 27-21

Monday, October 25, 2010

House Update October 22 2010

Footings have been poured, new rebar is being put in for the walls.

102210 House1 102210 House2 102210 House3 102210 House4 102210 House5
Footprint of the house

102210 House6
Nick standing on the concrete remnants from the concrete machine

102210 House7

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby Cramer Due May 12, 2011

Every year Nick and I have been together, we always ask at the end of the year, how can we top the next?  We’ve travelled quite a bit, done a lot of hiking, exploring and finding new adventures.   We’re pretty 100% sure there is no way we can top this year or next year.   We found out we were having a baby more than a month ago, but were keeping mum about it until today’s appointment.   We saw the heart beat at 6 weeks, but we wanted to be absolutely sure everything was good to go.  We’re at 11 weeks now and the baby is looking good.  We saw the heart beat, the head, arms and legs move around.    Very emotional moment for us.
102010 BabyStick

We actually took the test August 31st.  I wasn’t completely sure because the line was faint, so I took another the next day.  Sure enough the plus line appeared!

102010 Baby1
Baby’s second picture….it’s hard to decipher the head is above the little hump and it is laying on its back

 102010 Baby2
Future mommy

102010 Baby4 102010 Baby5
Future daddy

We’re super super excited for the baby, probably more excited than the house building.  Yeah, we’ve been living in a dump of an apartment, but it’ll be all worth it in the end.   We’re going to be cutting it very close.  The house is supposed to be finished March/April 2011.  Baby Cramer is due May 12, 2011.  Baby and new house all in one year…..definitely hard to top that!

House Update Oct 20 2010

More rebar was set up in the footings to reinforce the walls.  They will be pouring concrete either tomorrow or Friday.  Not 100% sure yet.

102010 House2
Looks like a jail cell

102010 House1  102010 House3
Doug and Naomi came out to help us decipher all the footings

102010 House4 102010 House5 102010 House6 102010 House7 102010 House8
Plans for the daylight basement part.  Most of what we’re walking on is the daylight basement so we pulled this out to figure out all the footing locations and concrete walls.  I’ll post a photo of the main level next time we go out to the site.

Monday, October 18, 2010

House Update Oct 18 2010

101810 House1
The workers put in a bunch of rebar in the footings today. 

101810 House2
This is one of the tall walls  with long bent rebar
101810 House3101810 House3 
On the main level this square is the master bedroom, on the daylight basement level this square is a bedroom, underneath the daylight basement bedroom this square is a garden storage

101810 House6
View of the footings on the main ground

101810 House7
Rebar Bender
101810 House5
Nick and I have been really confused as to what footing is what exactly, so we consulted the footprint of the house that was in the tube on the lot.  The footprint only shows one level of the house, which is the main level.  Eventually the big mounds of dirt will be used to backfill after the concrete walls are put in.  There is nothing underneath the third bay of the garage except crete slab.  We have a better idea of where the two decks are going to be exactly and where the corner of the office/craft room and kitchen are located (kitchen is ABOVE the office/craft room). 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

House Update Oct 15 2010

101510 House1 
Forms have been set up on the foundation, so the concrete can be poured.  After the concrete footings are set, the panels are put up and the concrete walls are poured.

101510 House2 101510 House3
This is Mr. Miscnuk, he is Ukranian.  He and his two workers set up all the forms.

101510 House4
One of the workers, he was very nice

101510 House5
Daylight basement

101510 House6  101510 House8
The other worker cleaning up

101510 House9 101510 House10 101510 House11 101510 House12
We have extra wide footings so the house doesn’t slide down the hill

 101510 House14 101510 House13101510 House15
Third floor garden storage

101510 House16 101510 House17 101510 House18 101510 House19
Standing on the main level looking down