Wednesday, October 13, 2010

House Update Oct 13 2010

101310 House1 
A tremendous amount of digging, compacting, and trenches were done up at the lot to prepare for the footings.  Nick’s hanging out on top of the big dirt mound.  We’re lucky the dirt doesn’t have any rocks, it’s pretty clean.

101310 House2
Third floor garden storage and daylight basement

101310 House3
Compacting machine and gas tank

101310 House4
Nick taking a video

101310 House5
This is the crawlspace below the main level

101310 House6 101310 House7
Our shadows

101310 House8
Looks like a place where BMX bikers would play

101310 House9
Lot of trenches and another compactor

101310 House10
Daylight basement where two bedrooms, full bathroom, storage closet, our office/craft room, (hoping for a wine cellar)

101310 House11 Looks like an archaeological dig

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