Saturday, October 16, 2010

House Update Oct 15 2010

101510 House1 
Forms have been set up on the foundation, so the concrete can be poured.  After the concrete footings are set, the panels are put up and the concrete walls are poured.

101510 House2 101510 House3
This is Mr. Miscnuk, he is Ukranian.  He and his two workers set up all the forms.

101510 House4
One of the workers, he was very nice

101510 House5
Daylight basement

101510 House6  101510 House8
The other worker cleaning up

101510 House9 101510 House10 101510 House11 101510 House12
We have extra wide footings so the house doesn’t slide down the hill

 101510 House14 101510 House13101510 House15
Third floor garden storage

101510 House16 101510 House17 101510 House18 101510 House19
Standing on the main level looking down

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