Monday, October 18, 2010

House Update Oct 18 2010

101810 House1
The workers put in a bunch of rebar in the footings today. 

101810 House2
This is one of the tall walls  with long bent rebar
101810 House3101810 House3 
On the main level this square is the master bedroom, on the daylight basement level this square is a bedroom, underneath the daylight basement bedroom this square is a garden storage

101810 House6
View of the footings on the main ground

101810 House7
Rebar Bender
101810 House5
Nick and I have been really confused as to what footing is what exactly, so we consulted the footprint of the house that was in the tube on the lot.  The footprint only shows one level of the house, which is the main level.  Eventually the big mounds of dirt will be used to backfill after the concrete walls are put in.  There is nothing underneath the third bay of the garage except crete slab.  We have a better idea of where the two decks are going to be exactly and where the corner of the office/craft room and kitchen are located (kitchen is ABOVE the office/craft room). 

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