Saturday, November 13, 2010

House Update November 13 2010

Back fill is underway around the house.  The rise of dirt in the front of the house is gone now and it is mostly level.  We were unsure if the driveway would be flat, but you can see now it is exactly as planned.  It should have just a slight rise up to the garage.


IMG_7170 Stitch

A panoramic photo from our future basement door.


Carolyn and I are working away in our future office.


The basement is completely backfilled and has gravel.


Kevin, Susie, and Carolyn hanging in the basement.


Relaxing on the couch watching TV in the family room.  Very open feeling.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Baby Cramer Update

Here are some recent ultrasound photos we had taken on October 28th.   The resolution of this ultrasound was incredible.  We were able to see the baby’s heartbeat, bladder, arms, legs, stomach, and even which ovary released the egg and the location of the void of where the egg was!  Absolutely amazing what technology can show us.   At this appointment they were checking for key signs for Downs Syndrome, Spina Bifida, or congenital heart defects.  This is called the nuchal scan test between weeks 11 and 14.

#1.  They were looking for the nuchal fluid behind the neck.  If the fluid is greater than 3 mm then that is one sign.  Mine was at 1.5 mm.

#2.  They look for a nose plate.  At this stage of pregnancy if there is no nose plate then that is a second sign.  Baby’s nose plate is in tact.

#3.  They measure the sound of the blood flow of the baby’s heart.  If the sound is greater than a certain range that is a third sign.  Baby Cramer’s is sounding great.

Legs, belly, head
4 D photo of legs, arms, ears, head

Alien baby!

Here are some awful side profile photos of me at 11 weeks and 15 weeks.  I’m becoming a stuffed sausage!

11 weeks
Week 11

 15 weeks2
Week 15

House Update November 8 and 11 2010

November 8 2010 Update

110810 House1
The foundation guys removed the wall forms one by one.  This is the three car garage.  They will have to fill it with a ton of dirt.

110810 House2
They filled the tubes that will soon be the columns in the front of the house

110810 House3 110810 House4 110810 House5
Lots of wall forms

House Update November 11 2010

111110 House1
Backfilling started by Mahaffey Enterprises

111110 House2
The foundation guys painted moisture barrier on the concrete walls and tube

111110 House3
The daylight basement was insulated with styrofoam and more dirt will be filled and compacted

111110 House4
Another back hoe was brought out
111110 House8

111110 House6 111110 House7 
The foundation guys set up the water and sewer lines around the perimeter of the house

111110 House9
Filling the three car garage with dirt

111110 House5 
The moisture barrier line on the side of the house

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010-1
This year we went as Car Freshner replicas.  I’m pine scented and Nick is cinnamon.  I sewed them on Saturday afternoon.

Halloween 2010-2
Jenny went as Little Red Riding Hood Lady Gaga

Halloween 2010-3 Halloween 2010-4 
Molly went as Lady Gaga wearing the meat dress including a bacon headband

Halloween 2010-6 Halloween 2010-7
Some spooky treats

Halloween 2010-5
Brandon was uber scary!

Halloween 2010-8
Nick with Avi’s son who was a little perplexed by the red giant tree

Halloween 2010-9
By far my favorite photo of the night.  We stopped by the Clarion at the ultimate frisbee party and I was attacked by a Storm Trooper and Jabba the Hut from Star Wars