Tuesday, December 28, 2010


On Christmas Day the family all went innertubing up on Snoqualmie Pass.  All of the kids had a lot of fun.  Here are some fun/funny shots of all of them going down the hill.

House Dec 17-884

House Dec 17-885House Dec 17-887House Dec 17-888House Dec 17-889House Dec 17-890House Dec 17-892House Dec 17-893House Dec 17-894House Dec 17-895House Dec 17-901House Dec 17-902House Dec 17-904House Dec 17-908House Dec 17-909

House Dec 17-910House Dec 17-911House Dec 17-912House Dec 17-913House Dec 17-915House Dec 17-916House Dec 17-917House Dec 17-918House Dec 17-920House Dec 17-924House Dec 17-926House Dec 17-927House Dec 17-928House Dec 17-930House Dec 17-932House Dec 17-934

House Dec 17-936House Dec 17-941House Dec 17-944House Dec 17-945House Dec 17-946House Dec 17-948House Dec 17-951House Dec 17-952House Dec 17-953House Dec 17-954House Dec 17-955House Dec 17-956House Dec 17-957House Dec 17-958House Dec 17-959House Dec 17-961House Dec 17-965House Dec 17-968

Monday, December 27, 2010

Nguyen Family Christmas Booth 2010

We had some fun with this year’s photo booth at the Nguyen house at Christmas.  Check out the photos…..

House Dec 17-299House Dec 17-310House Dec 17-313House Dec 17-317House Dec 17-324House Dec 17-325House Dec 17-327House Dec 17-330House Dec 17-331House Dec 17-332House Dec 17-333House Dec 17-334House Dec 17-336House Dec 17-340House Dec 17-345House Dec 17-346House Dec 17-348House Dec 17-349House Dec 17-351House Dec 17-353House Dec 17-355House Dec 17-356House Dec 17-359House Dec 17-360House Dec 17-361House Dec 17-365House Dec 17-372House Dec 17-388House Dec 17-391House Dec 17-842House Dec 17-843House Dec 17-844House Dec 17-845House Dec 17-846House Dec 17-848House Dec 17-849House Dec 17-850House Dec 17-851House Dec 17-852House Dec 17-853House Dec 17-854House Dec 17-855House Dec 17-856House Dec 17-857House Dec 17-858House Dec 17-859House Dec 17-860House Dec 17-861House Dec 17-862House Dec 17-864House Dec 17-865House Dec 17-867House Dec 17-868House Dec 17-869House Dec 17-870House Dec 17-871House Dec 17-872House Dec 17-873House Dec 17-874House Dec 17-878House Dec 17-881House Dec 17-882