Tuesday, December 28, 2010


On Christmas Day the family all went innertubing up on Snoqualmie Pass.  All of the kids had a lot of fun.  Here are some fun/funny shots of all of them going down the hill.

House Dec 17-884

House Dec 17-885House Dec 17-887House Dec 17-888House Dec 17-889House Dec 17-890House Dec 17-892House Dec 17-893House Dec 17-894House Dec 17-895House Dec 17-901House Dec 17-902House Dec 17-904House Dec 17-908House Dec 17-909

House Dec 17-910House Dec 17-911House Dec 17-912House Dec 17-913House Dec 17-915House Dec 17-916House Dec 17-917House Dec 17-918House Dec 17-920House Dec 17-924House Dec 17-926House Dec 17-927House Dec 17-928House Dec 17-930House Dec 17-932House Dec 17-934

House Dec 17-936House Dec 17-941House Dec 17-944House Dec 17-945House Dec 17-946House Dec 17-948House Dec 17-951House Dec 17-952House Dec 17-953House Dec 17-954House Dec 17-955House Dec 17-956House Dec 17-957House Dec 17-958House Dec 17-959House Dec 17-961House Dec 17-965House Dec 17-968

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