Monday, December 27, 2010

Nguyen Family Christmas Booth 2010

We had some fun with this year’s photo booth at the Nguyen house at Christmas.  Check out the photos…..

House Dec 17-299House Dec 17-310House Dec 17-313House Dec 17-317House Dec 17-324House Dec 17-325House Dec 17-327House Dec 17-330House Dec 17-331House Dec 17-332House Dec 17-333House Dec 17-334House Dec 17-336House Dec 17-340House Dec 17-345House Dec 17-346House Dec 17-348House Dec 17-349House Dec 17-351House Dec 17-353House Dec 17-355House Dec 17-356House Dec 17-359House Dec 17-360House Dec 17-361House Dec 17-365House Dec 17-372House Dec 17-388House Dec 17-391House Dec 17-842House Dec 17-843House Dec 17-844House Dec 17-845House Dec 17-846House Dec 17-848House Dec 17-849House Dec 17-850House Dec 17-851House Dec 17-852House Dec 17-853House Dec 17-854House Dec 17-855House Dec 17-856House Dec 17-857House Dec 17-858House Dec 17-859House Dec 17-860House Dec 17-861House Dec 17-862House Dec 17-864House Dec 17-865House Dec 17-867House Dec 17-868House Dec 17-869House Dec 17-870House Dec 17-871House Dec 17-872House Dec 17-873House Dec 17-874House Dec 17-878House Dec 17-881House Dec 17-882

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