Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

This year Nick put up our tree the day before Thanksgiving…. however he wouldn’t allow me to put up all of our ornaments for the pure sake it is a pain in the butt hauling all of our stuff out of storage.  So Isaid ok.  Next year though, when we’re in the house, I’m putting up every single holiday decoration we own!   The tree
turned out nice, makes the holidays more festive.

Christmas Tree-1Christmas Tree-2Christmas Tree-3Christmas Tree-4Christmas Tree-7
Nick loves the mochas at Starbucks

Christmas Tree-8Christmas Tree-9
Our yearly tradition is to put up one of favorite photos from the year.

Christmas Tree-10Christmas Tree-11
We have photos of our families scattered throughout the tree

Christmas Tree-14
The star hits our nice popcorn ceiling in the apt.  ahahahahah!

Christmas Tree-15Christmas Tree-16
I love Starbucks tea and cooking

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