Tuesday, January 11, 2011

House Update 1/11/11

Today the framers were working furiously to finish the main level of the house before the big snow storm is to arrive tonight.  They got all of the internal walls up including the garage ones.

011111 House1011111 House2
Garage doors

011111 House3
Exterior, left window is the nursery/guest room, the front entry way, the right window belongs to the dining room

011111 House9
The last wall they’re putting up which belongs to the future bookcases and fireplace

011111 House4011111 House5
Left:  The framer accidentally cut the deck joist short by six inches and this is the new one he is going to put in
Right: inside of the garage

011111 House6011111 House7
Left: Dining Room
Right: Kitchen Pantry and desk area

011111 House8011111 House10
Left: Pantry in the Kitchen
Right: Two hallway closets, one for linens

011111 House11011111 House12
Left: Main bathroom window
Right: Closet in the nursery/guest room

011111 House13011111 House14
Left: Mini windows in the master bedroom
Right: Entryway

011111 House15011111 House16
Left: Last wall to go up
Right: Dining room window

011111 House17011111 House18
Left: Entryway
Right: Garage doors

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