Saturday, February 19, 2011

Graduation from Birthing Class

The past three weeks we had been taking child preparedness classes on Thursday nights.  We learned a lot….probably more than any books we’ve read so far.  The teacher Sherry Schroeder was extremely engaging and had gobs of information for first timers.  We learned techniques to relax during labor, what we’ll experience after the birth physically, and what to expect with a newborn.  We also asked quite a few questions about the different narcotics, epidurals, and other medicines.  I’m going to try my hardest to go drug free and be as natural as possible.  Anything can happen that we can’t foreshadow.  We have about 12 more weeks to go!

BirthingClass 1BirthingClass 2
Our baby was taking a nap

BirthingClass 3BirthingClass 4BirthingClass 5
Nick already knows how to change a diaper, but he took the reins on this one in class

BirthingClass 6BirthingClass 7BirthingClass 8BirthingClass 9

BirthingClass 10
Congratulations on your graduation Nick!

House Update February 17, 2011

Insulation started on Wednesday and finished on Friday, next week starts sheetrocking!

HouseUpdate021911 1HouseUpdate021911 2HouseUpdate021911 4HouseUpdate021911 5HouseUpdate021911 3
Our gas fireplace

Monday, February 14, 2011

Recent Activities

This past Monday we drove over to Western Materials in Yakima and picked out exterior rock that goes in front of the house.  This rock is called Sierra Mountain Ledge.  It should match well with the stucco color and trim we chose.

Afterwards, we drove over to Prosser for Valentine’s Day dinner at Wine O’Clock.  It was very tasty and there was even a live singer who sang songs from the 40s and 50s.  Very romantic Smile

ValetinesDay2011 1ValetinesDay2011 2
My handsome Valentine, pretty roses on the table

ValetinesDay2011 3ValetinesDay2011 4
The singer and our charred romaine salad

ValetinesDay2011 4ValetinesDay2011 6
Triple cream gorgonzola with marcona almonds and sliced apples.  Nick’s pear bacon pizza.

ValetinesDay2011 7
My potato soup with crumbles of Cougar gold cheese

On Tuesday I went to a Stampin Up group and learned how to make these three cards.  They turned out super cute!

ValetinesDay2011 8ValetinesDay2011 9ValetinesDay2011 10

Monday, February 7, 2011

House Update February 7 2011

020711 House8
Roofing in 40 MPH winds.  We felt so bad for the workers.  The did such a phenomenal job regardless of the wind.

020711 House9020711 House7
Exterior doors were installed and HVAC began

020711 House6020711 House5020711 House4
Tar paper on the roof

020711 House1020711 House2
The double slider was installed last week that leads to the upper deck

020711 House3
All the plumbing was installed last week, this is the spigot for the pot filler behind our stove to make it easier to fill water for our tea kettle or pots for soup or pasta instead of filling in the sink then carrying it over

020711 House14
Our Carrier HVAC system on its side attached to the ceiling in the garage to give us plenty of floor space

020711 House13020711 House12
Some of the door handles to the exterior doors

020711 House11020711 House10
These doors have built in blinds so we can slide them open and closed for day light

House Update January 30, 2011

We had our windows installed the week before and the sidelights and transom on the door. 

We had a bunch of hose bibs put in around the house.  One in the front of the house, one on each of the decks, and one on the ground level near the garden storage.

We have a view of the Mormon Temple from our deck.  We can see the golden Angel Merona on the top.

Side view of the deck

Our garage floor was poured