Saturday, February 19, 2011

Graduation from Birthing Class

The past three weeks we had been taking child preparedness classes on Thursday nights.  We learned a lot….probably more than any books we’ve read so far.  The teacher Sherry Schroeder was extremely engaging and had gobs of information for first timers.  We learned techniques to relax during labor, what we’ll experience after the birth physically, and what to expect with a newborn.  We also asked quite a few questions about the different narcotics, epidurals, and other medicines.  I’m going to try my hardest to go drug free and be as natural as possible.  Anything can happen that we can’t foreshadow.  We have about 12 more weeks to go!

BirthingClass 1BirthingClass 2
Our baby was taking a nap

BirthingClass 3BirthingClass 4BirthingClass 5
Nick already knows how to change a diaper, but he took the reins on this one in class

BirthingClass 6BirthingClass 7BirthingClass 8BirthingClass 9

BirthingClass 10
Congratulations on your graduation Nick!

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