Thursday, March 31, 2011

House Update March 30 and 31….What’s Left?

Here are a few quick house updates from yesterday and today.   Every time we go up we’re anxious to see when they will start the rock and the sidewalk and driveway.  It hasn’t been warm enough to pour concrete and it’s been too windy to finish the rock.  They attempted to start but it was way too dangerous.

033011 House1033011 House2
The start of the rock installation

033011 House3033011 House6
Tile and grout for the three bathrooms (left), Joe beginning the baseboards (right)

033011 House4033011 House5
Tile/no grout yet in the master bathroom

033011 House7
All of Joe’s notes for the trim dimensions

033011 House8
Trim around the Anderson door

033111 House1
It was so windy today the scaffolding fell over.  Luckily noone got hurt and the front window didn’t get damaged.

What’s on the schedule?

So we’ve been under the impression, we’d get to move in Thursday April 21st.  There are a few things we’re behind on but here is the tentative schedule through end of next week:

Friday April 1:  Electrical trim, lighting, baseboard trim, start of the fireplace and bookcase

Monday April 4: Wainscoting in dining room and stairs, countertop installation, kitchen tile backsplash, plumbing, painting doors and trim

Tuesday April 5: Wainscoting in dining room and stairs, countertop installation, kitchen tile backsplash, plumbing,  painting doors and trim

Wednesday April 6: Wainscoting, bench, plumbing, painting doors and trim

Thursday April 7: Wainscoting, bench, plumbing, painting doors and trim

Friday April 8: Wainscoting, bench, carpet installation, plumbing, painting doors and trim

Somewhere next week we’re hoping they finish the rock on the front of the house.  The wind has been so brutal for the workers to be on the scaffolding which I don’t blame them for not being on there.  We’re also wondering when the concrete will be poured for the driveway, walkway, and sidewalk?  The concrete guy is super behind on his other projects because of the wind and the cooler weather, but it finally started warming up.  The other big thing we’re missing is the components to the deck.  It is missing the actual composite decking, the handrails, and the stain to the soffits.  We haven’t chosen the stain color for the front door or the Andersen door.  We’re also supposed to order the master bathroom glass doors and mirrors.   There is quite a bit going on next week, we’ll definitely be going every day to check things out and the progress of everything.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Decorating Little Lucy’s Room

I’m excited and anxious to move into the house and physically decorate Little Lucy’s room and get some nesting done before she comes.  Nick and I love the yellow that we used on the walls of the room.  The color is by Behr called Wickerware.  Here are a few things we’re going to use to decorate her room.

30-framed abc_R

This animal alphabet print is from the Land of Nod

This is Lucy’s crib we got as a gift a while ago, we’re most likely going to put it in our master bedroom for a few weeks

I snagged these basket bins at the Container Store in the four colors and put on the shelves in the closet below

Empty closet in the nursery

From our old house we have some floating crown molding shelves we’ll put above the dresser and put some knick knacks on them

1201341_Alphabet Wall Cards_07H
We purchased these alphabet animal cards which we’ll put in white colored wood frames

This is a Hemnes 8 drawer dresser from IKEA we’ll use the changing pad on top of and put all the diapers and clothes in

I snagged a couple learning puzzles for when she gets older

I actually saw in the Land of Nod the letters sitting on a shelf which was an adoreable idea for decorating

Who doesn’t love farm animals?!

We also have a couple custom art pieces made by Katie and Susie which we’re going to put on the walls.  She’s going to be one spoiled little girl!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trim, Tile and Stucco

We hadn’t been up to the house in a few days because of the fumes from the stain of the hardwood floors, so it was a pleasant surprise to come to the house today to see the tile done in two of the bathrooms and trim on all of the interior doors.  Joe Pierce is our trim/finish work guy and he has done a fantastic job, very detail oriented.  The tile was bought from Benjamin One and was installed by Nick (not sure of his last name) and a couple other workers who have done an incredible job too with the attention to detail.  We’re really excited for the house to be done!   

Tile work in the main bathroom

Natural color of our red oak floors

Joe is starting our fireplace and custom bookcases tomorrow and next week

Trim in the master bathroom toilet room (left), trim to the entrance of the mudroom/garage (right)

We are really happy with the color of the floors

Tile in the mudroom transitioning to the kitchen

Landing of the stairs

Stucco trim work began

Trim around the windows

Trim around the garage doors

The front door soffit hasn’t been stained yet, we’re not sure what color to do yet

I’m measuring the dimensions of the drawers so I can shop around for custom drawer organizers


Sinks have arrive (left), thermostat is set finally 70 degrees (right).  It was blazing hot last weekend when we were working in the house so the hardwood could dry out and acclimate to the interior temperature of the house.