Sunday, March 20, 2011

Doors Galore

A bunch of the interior doors were installed last week.  They haven’t painted them yet, probably not until last minute so we don’t scratch or mar them.

They finished installed the hardwood floors on the main level, but not the stairs yet.

Downstairs media closet and linen closet doors

Office doors, we haven’t removed the plastic covers yet

Tile work in the laundry room, the countertops haven’t been installed yet, this is the cutout for the sink insert

Electrical outlet in the hardwood floor


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Kerry said...

I came upon your blog as I was googling for images of outlets in hardwood floors. We are doing a remodel and I'm bummed that they had to put an outlet in the floor, apparently due to code and we removed a wall. Our outlet isn't recessed, like yours and I'm wondering how the finished product looks. Can you post a photo? Thanks, Kerry