Monday, March 21, 2011

Terminating and Painting

Thank you Doug, Naomi, Bob, Alex, Tara, Chris, Ed, Kevin and Susie for all your help terminating the wires and painting the nursery!

Tara was on ethernet cable terminating, Alex was on speaker wire.  I was on Coax cable terminating with Ed.

Susie was working on plate covers, Nick was on painting and terminating the closet

Doug was on organizing the wiring with Nick, painting, and terminating the closet, Chris was on terminating ethernet and the closet, Bob was on terminating ethernet, the closet brackets and speaker wires

Kevin was on terminating ethernet, Ed was terminating coax, ethernet and the media closet

032011 House1
Bob and Doug feeding conduit through the ceiling to our media closet for our projector

Working on the media closet

Lots of coax and ethernet!

Clean closet of wires

032011 House2032011 House3
The yellow paint we chose is a Behr color called Wickerware.  It needed two coats to cover the walls and turned out so cute!

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