Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thank You Friends For All the Moving Help!

We had baby Lucy on April 28th and we moved into our new house on April 29th.  Actually I (Carolyn) did not participate in the move, all of our friends and Nick did.  We can’t express enough our gratitude for all the help, friendship and support in all the chaos we had in such a short period of time.

The move began with moving our stuff out of the Love third bay garage.  We had our stuff stored in our two bedroom apartment then the rest stored at their house.  We hadn’t seen that stuff for two whole years!

Photo Apr 29, 1 30 21 PM
Some stuff we had stored there were saucer sleds, a globe and even a couple broad swords

Photo Apr 29, 2 00 11 PM
Doug is ecstatic to have his garage back!

After filling the U-Haul with stuff from the Love house, they filled the rest of it with the things from the apartment.  Everything got put into the garage of the new house.   Lots of people pitched in and helped!
Photo Apr 29, 5 39 01 PMPhoto Apr 29, 5 39 03 PMPhoto Apr 29, 5 39 12 PMPhoto Apr 29, 5 39 14 PMPhoto Apr 29, 5 39 16 PMPhoto Apr 29, 5 39 19 PMPhoto Apr 29, 5 39 23 PMPhoto Apr 29, 5 39 24 PM

Photo Apr 29, 5 39 26 PM

It was like a well oiled machine, in and out, in and out

Go team movers!
Photo Apr 29, 5 41 34 PMPhoto Apr 29, 5 41 37 PMPhoto Apr 29, 5 42 02 PMPhoto Apr 29, 5 42 11 PMPhoto Apr 29, 5 42 15 PMPhoto Apr 29, 5 42 27 PM
We had an army of helpers on that Friday.  Thanks to…..Doug Love, Naomi Love, Chris Coyle, Greg Coffey, Jereme Haack, Shankari Haack, Ed Thomsen, Joe Bruce, Dave Brown, Erin Brown, Aaron Cramer, Marvin Cramer, Nicki Cramer, Alan Nguyen, Lanh Dinh, Chuong Nguyen, Kevin Crowell, Erin Hamilton, Bob Baddeley, Mike Kanyid, Jenny Yang, Kelly Johnson, and Brian Asplund!

Friday, April 22, 2011

House Update April 21 and 22

042211 House1
We are now about 7 days away from moving into our new house!  Here are some photos of things they recently finished.  The driveway, sidewalk and walkway are all poured, and the garage doors have been painted to match the trim of the house.

042211 House4042211 House3
All of the wainscoting, trim and doors have been painted and lacquered the Greek Villa color

042211 House2042211 House6
Most of the plumbing fixtures and tub have ben installed

042211 House5042211 House7
Lower deck is finished and the bench is all painted and hooks have been installed

042211 House14This is the lower deck all done and installed yesterday

042211 House8042211 House9
Kitchen pendants are installed.  Our builder ordered them from Pottery Barn, we need to change the bulbs on them so that they’re clear bulbs instead of translucent.

042211 House10042211 House15
Today the upper deck is 90% installed, the weather was perfect and the views were fantastic

042211 House11042211 House12
The water heater has been installed

042211 House20
The fireplace and bookcase all painted

042211 House13
This is our master bathtub with a little bit of wainscoting on the ouside and subway tile on the tub deck

042211 House16042211 House17
Fireplace is all done being painted and lacquered

042211 House18042211 House19
Nick is working on putting the plates on the low voltage boxes in the kitchen and book case because everything just got done being painted and lacquered

042211 House21042211 House22
The Geek Squad finally was able to deliver our new refrigerator, they had to remove the lower drawer to get it through the front door.  We’ve had to postpone the deliver twice already, so it was a relief to be able to get it done.

042211 House23042211 House24

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

House Update April 18 + 19

041811 House1
Part 1 of concrete poured on Monday (April 18)

041911 House1041811 House5
The driveway and walkway pad to the garden storage were poured

041811 House2041811 House4
All of the carpet was installed and stretched, still needs to be vacuumed

041811 House3
We are missing mirrors

041911 House3
Part 2 of concrete poured yesterday (April 19)

041911 House2
Sidewalk inspection happened on Monday so they poured yesterday and it looks great

041911 House4
The front stoop and walkway were also poured.  Yay we can finally get INTO the house through the front door instead of walking the plank