Monday, April 4, 2011

Day Trip to Moses Lake

Yesterday Naomi and I took a little road trip to Moses Lake.  This was my first trip there, Naomi was a great tour guide.  We started the day off visiting Brian and Carol Sargee.  They live on the outskirts of Moses Lake right on the water front of the lake.

Brian and Carol’s backyard (left) Brian, Carol and Naomi (right)

Bunny head part of a costume for Easter (left) Brian and Carol’s dog Lucy (right)

After Brian and Carol’s we did a drive by Doug and Naomi’s old house and a house Doug grew up in.

Doug and Naomi’s house on Earl Street

Doug’s house he grew up in

Lunch with Bev, Mike, Naomi….I had the pulled pork sandwich

After we had lunch we went back to Mike and Bev’s house and loaded up a baby cradle Nick and I are borrowing temporarily which was super generous of the Loves to lend to us. 

Mike, me, Bev, and Naomi

Mike, Bev, Naomi, Carol and Brian

Hand made, oak, baby cradle we’ll use in our master bedroom, right now it is on the treadmill at Doug and Naomi’s house ready to go when we move.  Mike made this entire cradle from scratch.  It has pegs that we can remove so the cradle can rock, or put the pegs back in so the cradle can remain stationary.  He even turned down the spindles himself!  It is absolutely gorgeous.  Lucy is such a lucky little girl.

A little flower pot Naomi’s niece Senta painted for her.  We strapped it in the backseat so it wouldn’t fall over on the drive home.

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