Saturday, April 16, 2011

House Update April 16

We’ve been anxious to move into the house, but we’re missing a couple key things before we can get our Certificate of Occupancy.  One of the biggest things is we haven’t been able to get our concrete poured for the driveway, sidewalk and walkway because it has been cold, rainy and windy the past few days.  The concrete guy said that Monday should be good weather, so we’re definitely crossing our fingers.

041611 House1
Forms are set for the driveway, sidewalk and walkway

041611 House2

Another couple things we’re waiting for is painting of all the trim and the interior doors which are about 80% done.  The entire basement is finished.  The main level which includes the wainscoting, bench, stairs, trim and fireplace have been painted but it is missing the lacquer layer which is the last step.  The doors need to be put back in and the hardware has to be installed too.  The carpets are about 75% installed too.  They’ve been cut, but have not been stretched yet.

041611 House3

Fireplace and mantle getting painted

041611 House4041611 House5
Wainscoting and door trim painted

041611 House6 

A couple other things we’re missing:

The two decks
Master shower door
Master bathroom tub
Outlet covers

We’re hoping we can move in next weekend regardless of some of the missing items.    It would be such a relief to have the house done before Baby Lucy arrives.  It doesn’t have to be 100% done, but good enough to at least be in the house unpacking a few essential things.

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