Saturday, April 9, 2011

House Update April 9

040911 House3
The front and back of the house has been grated to so the concrete can be poured for the sidewalks, driveway and walkway.  The exterior rock is all finished and looks great!

040911 House4
Glass subway tile has all been grouted, hood and pot filler has been installed...the range is missing though

The Story of the Broken Range

Nick and I went to Seattle in November to pick up our appliances at Albert Lee.  We bought a wall oven, hood, and range.  We rented a UHaul and drove the appliances over White Pass (Snoqualmie was closed so that was an adventure) home and stored them in Jenny’s garage for the past few months.  Two weekends ago, Nick and the boys moved the appliances into the new house’s garage.  Yesterday, the builder installed all the appliances.  Everything worked out great…..except our brand new range was not so brand new.  It was broken Sad smile

Here is the pallet the stove arrived on….nothing appears to be wrong with the pallet

Here are the four sides of the box of the stove

On one side of the box you can see some scuff marks which appeared to be minor
Here is the interior wall of the box….you can see the indentations from the knobs of the stove

Our broken stove Sad smile

Broken knobs

Buckled walls and handle

Bashed in door


Here are some pictures from when we picked up the appliances in Seattle on Sunday November 21st….Good thing I save all my iPhone photos!
photo 3photo 4wolf-box-zoomed
You can see the indentations and scuff marks were there before we even brought them home.

So we’re crossing our fingers Albert Lee and Wolf will remedy this situation quickly and efficiently.  We have to make a case for the replacement of the range.  We know for a fact we didn’t drop it, bash it, or caused this extreme damage.   What is disheartening is we will be stoveless when we move in for a while.  Hopefully this story has a happy ending.  I’ve already contacted customer service and they’ll hopefully work their magic.  We’ll keep you posted.

040911 House1040911 House2
Stairs are done being installed, the exposed wood parts near the spindles need to be painted.  The hardwood stairs are done too.  A final stain of the hardwood floors need to be done before we move in.  Lots of painting of the trim, baseboards and wainscoting will be done shortly too.

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