Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lighting and Fireplace

On Friday, Total Energy Management came out and began terminating the electrical outlets and installing light switches and light fixtures.   We picked out all of our lighting from Inland Lighting in Yakima.  We also have a bunch of can lights installed everywhere.

This is the light fixture in all the bedrooms, clean and streamlined, has an oil rubbed bronze finish.  We like it more than a typical nipple light.

Can lights in the downstairs hallway (left), lighting in the lower bathroom (right)

Light fixture in the basement bathroom.  We are having custom mirrors made after we meet with Tim from Perfection Glass this upcoming Monday

The baseboard trim is all done in the basement

Baseboards looking awesome, very meticulously placed

Outdoor lighting was installed on the lower deck


Pretty day today (Saturday)

They even finished and put lighting in the mechanic room!

The biggest surprise by far was the custom fireplace and bookshelves.  Joe did all this in a day!  We were shocked at how beautiful it is going to be when he finishes it and paints it.

The shelves are adjustable, we plan on putting a tv on the left side so the shelves are removable, along with the long vertical piece which is why you can see all the wiring boxes

The fireplace will have some mini subway tiles on the front face, and larger ceramic tiles on the hearth

Some of the can lights in the kitchen

Nick takes most of the photos so I asked him to set the camera on a timer so we’d have a couple photos together Smile

Joe did all the trim work on the front door too.  We wondered how he was able to do an arc shaped trim piece, we came to learn it is made of rubber!  This week all the trim around the doors, baseboards, and windows will be painted. It is going to look really pretty!

Fire alarm
lighting boxes that still need to be installed in the garage (left), they finished all the subway tile in the master bathroom shower (right)
Rick, the tile guy, installed some ceramic shelves (left) and made a slight downward slope on the tub deck so when water hits the glass shower wall, water will flow into the drain (right).  Very clever!

Joe is going to put some wainscoting on the outside of the tub deck which will look nice

Lots of progress on Friday, we’re excited to see what work will happen next week!

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