Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some Recent iPhone Photos

Photo May 02, 11 15 48 AMPhoto May 02, 11 16 05 AM
In this photo, Lucy is 4 days old

Photo May 07, 7 26 42 PM
When Lucy sleeps I try and sneak in a nap too

Photo May 08, 6 18 00 PMPhoto May 08, 3 23 49 PM
Uncle Liem came by to hold Lucy.  He’s a new homeowner too!

Photo May 06, 5 50 41 AMPhoto May 08, 11 25 37 AM
Here’s Lucy after her second bath we gave her.  Here is my Mother’s Day gift, it is awesome!

Photo May 10, 8 01 13 AMPhoto May 11, 4 25 57 PM
Here is a family photo in the hospital after my surgery last Monday.  Nick is a multi tasking dad!

Photo May 11, 4 29 28 PM
Last weekend we worked on a crafty project to block the sun out of the three windows.  It is foam wrapped with three different fabric patterns.  We can change the look up with different materials.  We need to iron the fabric so it is flatter, but it gets the job done for now.  The sun blazes through these windows in the morning, but now the sun rays are blocked.

Photo May 15, 8 02 28 AMPhoto May 15, 8 27 17 PM
Lucy playing in her toy and her new position for sleeping.  Arms up!

Photo May 16, 2 47 40 PMPhoto May 17, 7 53 26 AM
Lucy wide awake (left).  This morning I took her for a walk around the neighborhood.  The weather has been really really crummy the past few days, today was absolutely gorgeous.  No wind and no rain.  She slept for the entire walk, but it was nice for me to get out and about.

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