Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Swim Lesson

I’m not a fan of deep water or getting in a bathing suit, but we did it this weekend all in the name of Lucy’s first swim lesson.  It is an introduction for infants and toddlers to the water/swimming so they aren’t afraid at a later age.  I think I needed these lessons years ago Smile

Lucy swimsuit

The pool had salt water instead of chlorine which is not as harsh on your skin.  Lucy was a little in shock at first because it isn’t exactly the temperature of a bubble bath.  It took her a little bit to adjust to the temperature but she did great.

Our friends generously gave us an underwater camera case as a wedding gift. It definitely came in handy for this occasion to capture her first swimming experience.

I think we’re both adjusting to the water


Some of the thing they teach you include floating on your back, floating on your tummy, looking down into the water, blowing bubbles, reaching your arms out to reach for toys which mimic reaching out to paddle, turn side to side and then paddling the legs.

Washing her hands and arms

Front float

Back float


Here’s some videos to enjoy

Lucy’s first swim

Lucy and the back float
Lucy underwater

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