Friday, June 28, 2013

Field Directed Work Week 1

We are living in Falls Church, Virginia which is directly west of Arlington where I will be working.  On Friday, June 21st, we took Lucy to her school in Vienna to get her acclimated to her new teachers and environment.  Right when we got there she ran outside to play and participated in the classroom activities so we knew she'd have a great time.  After taking her by her new daycare, we decided to practice getting me to work.  We parked the car at the Vienna Metro which is on the orange line (closest to Lucy's daycare) where Nick will be dropping me off in the morning, got our metro passes, and took it only four stops down!  It was fast.We got out at the Ballston stop, got our bearings, and walked to Virginia Tech which was only about a 5-10 minute walk. As we walked by we saw a ton of great food trucks and restaurants which will be perfect at lunch time and the walk was really nicely shaded and had pretty fountains to enjoy along the way.

I ride from the furthest west stop (Vienna) four stops to Ballston on the orange line

Waiting for the metro to arrive

Lucy playing peek-a-boo

Lucy had to be like her dad and hold on to the rail while the metro was moving

So I am still working for Pacific Northwest National Laboraty, but will be working in downtown Arlington inside the new Cyber Research Lab at Virginia Tech's branch doing a totally different line of work than I'm normally used to working on in Richland, Washington.

My office is on the fifth floor that looks out onto the city.


This first week was about getting to know the research that is currently being done here and meeting and getting to know my mentors.  Throughout this quarter I will be posting weekly updates with references to Mentor F and A to protect the identity of their names and positions they have at the lab.  I will also be referring to the visual analytic tools as Tool A, B, and C since they are not be publicized too.  We discussed my goals for the work done this summer to fill out the learning outcomes agreement, installing missing tools from my computer, and doing some background reading on the research on the tools they want me to become familiar with.  There are about four or five visual analytic tools they want me to use this summer.   Ultimately the goals of the summer will be:

1. Download and provide datasets from technical and government databases
2. Determine what format the datasets need to be in for the visual analytics tools
3. Massage the data so it conforms to the correct format
4. Write a road map with the step-by-step instructions on putting the data into the visual analytics tools

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