Saturday, June 29, 2013

National Zoo

This trip to DC is not all about getting stamps in our Passport book, it is also about what we can do to entertain Lucy.  About seven years ago, Nick and I went to the National Zoo and thought it would be fun for Lucy to go and see what new animals and exhibits they have.  We took her to the Woodland Park zoo a few months ago for her birthday and she loved it.  So off we went on the metro to the zoo.

IMG_0137  IMG_0220



We walked through an entire bird sanctuary.  Lots of beautiful cranes and flamingos.  The flamingos had laid eggs and some newborn babies too.

IMG_0160 IMG_0162 


The zoo also had panda bears that were indoors because of the heat.  We also saw a couple lions and tigers.  They were mostly up in the shaded area but we could see them from afar.  There were some neat armadillos all curled up tight into a ball.


IMG_0170 IMG_0191   




I think for the three of us, our favorite animals were the elephants and orangutans. One of the orangutans climbed from one zone to another on these ropes that crisscrossed above our heads at the zoo. It was amazing. They’re so flexible and have super long arms!




Of course we couldn’t leave the zoo without letting Lucy ride the pretty carousel.  Every time I saw them go by I was getting nauseas so I admired them from the sidelines.



The heat has been a real killer for all of us. So to keep cool, Nick has been taking Lucy to the pool to give her pseudo swim lessons and so that she isn’t afraid of the water.  She is definitely getting more and more comfortable jumping from the ladder. 

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