Friday, July 19, 2013

Field Directed Work Week 4

For the visualization tools I’m learning about this summer my mentors want to use a variety of datasets to be viewed in the same tools.  But each tool uses different formats of the data.  Not all datasets come from the same source types.  This can be challenging because of the limitations of the output of the data and the ingestion process of the tool.

One of the methods of obtaining data is via RSS feeds.  These feeds can be exported in XML format.  Searches in library databases are historical data.  RSS Feeds from the news, twitters, or blogs are live sources of information.   I spent quite a bit of time trying to set up my feed from Open Source Center, inputting into various RSS feed readers and didn’t have any success.  My gut feeling is that the information is probably not publicly available or something is wrong on the Open Source Center’s end or you have to authenticate to be able to view the documents.  When or if the RSS feeds work, we will need templates for the XML conversions. 

This week I installed Tableau Software on my computer, watched a lot of the tutorials, ingested some data and played around with the tool.   Tableau Software’s mission is,”Help people see and understand data”.  The tool produces visually stunning graphics and is a very business and numbers oriented tool.  Here are some examples of what Tableau Software can output:




Last quarter in LIS588 I had actually profiled and done a presentation on Tableau Software.  Here is the link to the Prezi presentation.   I had made datasets that included text, budget numbers, varying keyword columns of information and dates to see what the ingestion process is and how the tool handles the information.   It definitely is focused on the business analytics rather than text analysis which is different than IN-SPIRE and Tool “B”.

This week I also transferred dataset “SS” into Tool “B” and into IN-SPIRE and compared and contrasted the differences.  I had a discussion with a co-worker on converting XML files to CSV to import dataset “SS” into Analyst Notebook and Tableau Software.  We also discussed converting the Web of Science and IEEE Xplore datasets to a more usable format in excel (CSV).

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